Use this page to find answers to the most Frequently Asked Question about our library. If your question is research related check out our Research FAQs


Can I borrow equipment if I'm not a student or employee?

Members of the community who have booked a room or event via Facilities Services can rent media equipment to be used on campus. See the pricing list and available equipment.

Can I donate books to the Library?

Thank you for thinking of us but the Douglas College Library is not accepting donations at this time. For more information about our Collections Development policy please see our Library Policies on the About page.

How do I access print articles that are at the other campus?

If you cannot physically visit the other campus you can request the article using the Intercampus Article Request form. We will email you a copy of the article via Office 365. For more information please see Intercampus Loans.

How do I get a library card?

Your student ID card is also your library card. In order to borrow materials, you must be a currently registered student at Douglas College. Student cards are produced by the Enrolment Services. If you are not current student please see the information on becoming a community borrower.

The book I want has been taken out by someone else. How can I get it?

Place a hold on the book through My Library Account in the catalogue. This way you ensure that you will get the book as soon as it becomes available. You will be notified through your Office 365 email when it is ready for pickup.

The book I want is at another campus. Do I have to go to that campus in order to get it?

Fortunately, no. Log in to My Library Account and place a hold on the item through the library catalogue. If it is available, it will be sent by courier to your campus by the next working day.

Where do I check out an item that I want to borrow?

Most materials are checked out at the Check Out Desk with the exception of equipment which is checked out at the Equipment Desk. There is also a self-serve check out station at the front desk of the Coquitlam campus library.

Computer use

I am not a student or employee at Douglas College. Could I use a computer in the library?

No. Computers in the Douglas College Library are available to Douglas College students and employees. Users must comply with the Douglas College PDF iconAcceptable Use of Computer and Information Technology Policy as well as all college and library polices, licensing, and contractual agreements. Individuals who have business with the College may be temporarily signed in at the discretion of the library, provided that there are sufficient spaces available for students and employees.


Can I book a study room?

Library study rooms are available for small groups and can be booked online.

Anvil Centre also offers study rooms which can be booked using the Extron screen mounted outside each study room OR via Office 365. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for booking procedures. More information is available on the Room Technology List:

If you are looking for a space to do online classes the College is making rooms N6212, S1711 and S1809 (NW) and room A1150 (COQ) available so students can transition between in-person and online classes without leaving campus. These rooms are not equipped with headsets or webcams so please bring your own or stop by the Equipment counter to sign out any equipment you may need.

Is there a campus space to do my online class?

The Douglas College Library has a number of spaces that are suitable for attending online classes. You may use the back north east area on the main floor of the New Westminster campus library. If you're attending in a group you may book a study room.

Additionally the College is making rooms N6212, S1711 and S1809 (NW) and room A1150 (COQ) available so students can transition between in-person and online classes without leaving campus. These rooms are not equipped with devices for online classes so please bring your own or stop by the Equipment counter to sign out a headset or a webcam. 

What social distancing and Covid safety protocols are in place in Library?

For your safety the Library follows the Covid safety guidelines outlined by the College.

Journal Articles

How do I find a peer-reviewed journal article?

Most databases have the option to limit to peer-reviewed journal articles. When you search for articles in a database, remember to check the box that says “Peer Reviewed”. See our How To Guides for more on peer–reviewed articles.

How do I find articles on my topic?

Start by searching a general database such as Academic Search Complete, or select one from our recommended databases for your subject area. If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to ask a Librarian.

I have a citation for an article. How do I find the full text in the library?

First find out if the library has the journal by typing the journal name in the search box on the library homepage and selecting the Journal Titles tab. If your journal is available online, you will be given a link to the database(s) where it can be found. If you find an article without the full text while searching in a database, here are some tips for locating it from within the database.

What can I do if the article I want is not available at Douglas College?

You can get a copy of it from another library through interlibrary loan. See our interlibrary loan page for information, or go directly to the form.

Learning Centre

Can I get tutoring in languages other than English?

  • The Learning Centre is a multilingual centre, so tutoring may occur in languages that will contribute to student learning.   
  • However, because the language of instruction in most courses is English, an important goal is for the tutor to prepare the student for using English in their coursework.

How can I make the most out of my tutoring sessions?

  • Plan time before your tutoring sessions to prepare and then time afterwards to incorporate feedback from your tutor and practice new skills 
  • Do as much work as possible before seeing a tutor 
  • Bring specific questions about assignments and course content that you have already worked on. 
  • Remain active and attentive during the tutoring session 
  • Limit distractions from electronic devices, food, and side conversations 
  • Build in time between appointments to incorporate tutor feedback

How does working with a tutor help improve my writing?

In your tutoring sessions, your tutor can help at any stage of the writing process to:  

  • help you evaluate and understand the assignment instructions  
  • discuss your questions about your writing  
  • review writing techniques, such as thesis development, organization and use of topic sentences 
  • suggest methods for improving your reading practices and writing 
  • identify error patterns in your writing and help you improve your editing skills 

We can’t proofread for you, but we can help you improve your editing skills by 

  • helping you recognize errors and showing you strategies to fix them yourself 
  • guiding you to helpful resources  
  • giving editing advice and practice  

How do I book an online appointment with the Learning Centre?

Please refer to this How to book an online Zoom appointment document.

PDF iconHow_to_book_an_online_Zoom_appointment.pdf


See also...

PDF iconHow_to_join_an_online_Zoom_appointment.pdf

PDF iconZoom_FAQs__1_.pdf

How do I join an online appointment with the Learning Centre?

Please refer to this How to join an online Zoom appointment document.

PDF iconHow_to_join_an_online_Zoom_appointment.pdf


See also...

PDF iconHow_to_book_an_online_Zoom_appointment.pdf

PDF iconZoom_FAQs__1_.pdf

How long are the tutoring appointments?

  • The appointments are 25 and 55 minutes long. It’s a little confusing, as our online booking system shows appointments to be 30-minutes and one-hour long.  
  • Tutors reserve the last 5 minutes of your appointment to do record-keeping and provide you with an emailed client report. Please help your tutor by ending your session on time.

Is tutoring confidential?

Peer tutors have signed a confidentiality agreement to keep all student conversations and written work private. Tutors will only share information about tutoring sessions with faculty and staff in the Learning Centre.  

What can I get help with?

  • Tutors can help you with work you are doing for courses you are currently enrolled in at Douglas. 
  • In keeping with the Douglas College Academic Honesty policy, tutors are not able to do school work for you nor supply answers for assignments that you must submit as your own work  
  • In addition to helping you with course assignments and course concepts, tutors can help you work on improving your study and academic skills (writing, reading, study, math, and computer skills).

What happens during an appointment?

During your tutoring appointment, your peer tutor will help you  

  • evaluate and understand the assignment instructions 
  • guide you to find resources for and answers to questions about your assignment 
  • suggest techniques for improving your academic and study skills 

When tutors can't help you, they will refer you to Learning Centre faculty or to your own instructor. 

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

There are three ways to cancel an appointment:

  • Online at
  • By emailing
  • Through the Virtual Front Desk on our homepage between 9:00am and 4:30pm during the semester. 

​Tutors understand that students have to cancel appointments for many different reasons. If you do have to cancel, please do so with as much notice as possible, so that other students have the opportunity to book an appointment at that time.

What is the policy on long papers for Submit A Draft tutoring?

Because tutors have an hour to work on your paper, they might not be able to provide feedback on the entirety of your paper. Instead, they might focus on certain aspects on your paper based on the appointment description. If you'd like additional feedback, we recommend making a second appointment with the same tutor, and let them know what parts to focus on.

Online Access

How do I connect with a librarian online?

You'll find various online methods to contact librarians on our Ask A Librarian page. Yes you can even book a Blackboard Collaborate video conference with us! 

I'm having trouble logging into an online resource

You will find login information and troubleshooting steps on our Remote Access page.

I am a new student and cannot access My Library Account

First, ensure you are using either your first name or last name (but not both) and your student number.

Sometimes new students will try and access their account before the Library has had a chance to load new records into the Library System. In this case please contact and a public services staff member may be able to assist you.   

Is video reference available?

Video reference is available via Blackboard Collaborate. To book an appointment see our Ask A Librarian page.