About our Games

We're excited to offer a diverse and engaging collection of tabletop games and puzzles for our students to borrow and enjoy. Whether you're a fan of card games, board games, puzzles, or mind-bending challenges, our collection has something for everyone. We believe in the power of these games to foster learning, critical thinking, social interaction, and wellness. Please remember to be considerate of other patrons while enjoying our games.

How to borrow

Our games are available for in-library use on a self serve basis. You'll find them on the display shelves in the foyer at both campus libraries. No need to reserve or sign anything out, just return them to the shelving after you're done!

Where to play

We encourage our patrons to make the most of our cozy seating areas only on the main floor, including the inviting red seating booths and collaborative tables, for an enjoyable gaming experience. However, please be considerate of fellow patrons by refraining from playing games in areas designated for quiet study, such as the Silent Study Room, Group study rooms, or study carrels. This helps maintain a conducive environment for both gaming enthusiasts and those seeking a quiet space for focused study.

Our collection

Our board games, card games, puzzles, and mind challenges are shared between campuses, ensuring a constant supply of fresh and exciting options. We regularly add new games and puzzles to keep the experience dynamic and engaging. The gallery highlights some of the games in our collection - there's more to come!


We value your feedback on your board game experiences and welcome your recommendations for games you'd like to see in our collection. Please share your thoughts with us, so we can continue to improve our offerings.

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Game Resources

Rules and Instructions

Most games come with instructions included but you can also find rules and instructions online by searching sites like these:

Further Reading

Our Library contains many resources related to games, try the following in our OneSearch catalogue:

Game Strategy and Tips: Chess, Poker, Card Games, etc. Or browse the stacks GV1232 - GV1469

For academic resources try keywords: (education OR wellness) AND "board game*" example

Streaming movies based on board games: Clue (2013)Dungeons & Dragons (2023)Jumanji (1995, 2017 & 2019), Word Wars (2004)Zathura (2005) 


Games Gallery


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