Learning Centre Workshops

Group studyWorkshops focus on academic strategies you need to be successful in your courses and in learning online. They are led by Learning Centre instructors, English Language tutors and peer tutors. The Tutor Tips! workshops feature panels of peer tutors sharing their own strategies. English Language workshops provide practical information and tips for improving your English reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the Douglas College courses you’re taking.


English Language Learning Tuesday

English Language Learning Workshps take place every Tuesday at 3:30PM from September 14 - November 16

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Date Topics
September 14 Improving English Speaking and Listening Skills
September 21 “A/An/The” – Editing your Writing for Articles.   
September 28 The Many Faces of Verbs (Verb Form and Verb Function)    
October 5 When Grammar Rules Don’t Apply: Words that Go Together in English.  
October 12 Reports, Essays, and Term Papers: Why “Copy/Paste” Will Hurt You  
October 19 Fixing Common Noun Errors (Subject/Verb Agreement)   
October 26 Common Sentence Structure Errors   
November 2 Present Perfect Verbs: When to Use, When Not to Use 
November 9 Effective Use of Online Tools for English Editing 
November 16 BYOG (bring your own grammar questions) Bring your own question and we’ll find answers together. 

Study Skills Workshop Wednesday

Study Skills Workshops take place every Wednesday at 3:30PM from September 15 - November 17

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Date Topics
September 15 Taking Notes in Class
September 22 Tutor Tips: These Are the Secrets to my Academic Success
September 29 Tutor Tips: This Is How I Communicate with my Instructors    
October 6 Tutor Tips: This Is how I Survive Group Projects
October 13 Learning to Paraphrase
October 20 Finding Sources for Papers: Effective Research Strategies and Tips  
October 27 Getting the Thesis Statement Right 
November 3 Dealing with Stress  
November 10 Tutor Tips: This Is How I Stay Motivated
November 17 Motivation and Growth Mindset

F21 Academic Integrity Week Events

Academic Integrity Workshops take place every day at 3:30 PM, from Tuesday October 12 to Friday October 15.

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Date Topics
October 12 Reports, Essays, and Term Papers: Why “Copy/Paste” Will Hurt You
October 13 Avoiding plagiarism: Learning to Paraphrase
October 14 Academic Integrity when there's a Correct Answer   
October 15 Academic Integrity Resources from Douglas College