Study carrelsQuiet Study Area

The upper level of the New Westminster campus and the lower level of the Coquitlam campus library are not only where you'll find the bulk of our print collection, but it's also a space reserved for quiet study. The tables and study carrels are wired for power so you can charge your phone or laptop while you're reading, and the natural light and calm environment will help you ace those courses!

Silent Study Room

The New Westminster campus library has a large room on the main level reserved for silent study. There's no need to book it like the other study rooms, it's always open for you to drop by and for as long as you need. There are reading lamps equipped with USB ports to make charging convenient, and the ceiling mounted lights are dimmable using the switch on the wall.

Food and Drink

Drinks in covered spill-proof containers are okay in the library but, at this time, food is not. 

Lost and Found

Any personal items we find in the library are immediately taken to the Security booth.

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms

Study rooms are available in the library for small groups to gather. Five rooms are available upstairs at the New Westminster Campus, one on the lower level, and six on the main level at the Coquitlam Campus. Students may book rooms up to two hours per day and twice a week. Bookings may be made up to one week in advance. Booked rooms not occupied within the first 15 minutes are then available for anyone to use or book.

Book a study room online, in person at the Check Out Desk or by phone. New Westminster Campus: 604-527-5568 and Coquitlam; Campus: 604-777-6130.

Media Equipment rooms are available for booking as well, two at New Westminster and one at Coquitlam, but they are reserved for groups conducting filming and interviewing, viewing DVDs or other media projects.

Booking Details

  • Rooms may be booked up to a week in advance by currently registered students only.
  • Are you Faculty? Please book a room with Room & Event Booking.
  • One booking per group per day.
  • If a group hasn't arrived after 15 minutes, the room can be re-booked by others. Just come to the front desk to re-book a forfeited room.
  • Study rooms must be vacated 15 minutes before the library closes. See the Library's hours on the footer of our home page.
  • To cancel and remove your booking, click on your group name, login with your student ID and delete.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny room access to any group or individual for misuse or inappropriate behaviour.

What's in that room?

Remote controls for the equipment and dry erase pens for the white board are available to sign out at the front desk.


New Westminster Campus

Room Equipment
N2100F 60" flat panel wall-mounted TV. Extron wall box with HDMI input. White board. Power outlet. 
N3000B White board. Power outlet.
N3000C White board. Power outlet.
N3000D White board. Power outlet.
N3000E White board. Power outlet.
N3000F White board. Power outlet.
N3000G Media 65" flat panel wall-mounted TV. Extron wall box with HDMI input. White board. Power outlet.

Coquitlam Campus

Room Equipment
B1301A 40" flat panel wall-mounted TV with HDMI and VGA inputs. White board.
B1303 40" flat panel wall-mounted TV with HDMI and VGA inputs. White board.
B1304 Media 40" flat panel wall-mounted TV with desktop computer. Blu-ray player. White board.
B1305 40" flat panel wall-mounted with VGA input. DVD/VHS and Blu-ray players. White board.
B1306A 40" flat panel wall-mounted with HDMI and VGA inputs. White board.
B1306B 40" flat panel wall-mounted with VGA input. Blu-ray and VHS players. White board.
B1308 40" flat panel wall-mounted with HDMI and VGA inputs. White board.