Learning to Learn Online


Strategies and resources for online learning, communication, motivation and mental health.

Worried about the switch to online learning? This resource was created especially for Douglas College students and will guide you through the resources you might need. 

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Young woman reading a textbook

Reading Your Textbooks
Learn strategies you can use that will help you get better results from your reading and save you time when preparing for tests.

Strategies for Reading Academic Articles
Reading scholarly sources can be difficult. This resource provides strategies to help you read dense, lengthy academic articles efficiently and effectively. - George Mason University

Writing about Literature / Close Reading
This resource introduces three techniques for reading fiction actively and critically. - Purdue University

Reading Strategies and Tips
Reading a college textbook effectively takes practice and should be approached differently than reading a novel, comic book, magazine, or website. - Oregon State University


Test Taking Skills

PDF iconExam Preparation & Memory

PDF iconAnswering Multiple Choice Questions *NEW

PDF iconUsing Mnemonic Devices

Writing Essay Exams
Make essay exams easier to navigate through a series of questions you can learn to ask yourself as you take an exam.


Working in Groups

Group study

PDF iconCreating Effective Study Groups

Group Writing Assignments
Tips on how to organize group writing assignments.

Working Effectively in Groups
How to deal with organization, roles and communication challenges, from U of Waterloo

How to Make Group Work Effective
Comprehensive resource from Queens U that covers communication, planning, working online, conflict resolution, and other topics


Learning Languages

Improving Reading and Writing in a Second Language
This resource suggests strategies you can use to develop your fluency in reading and writing.

Memorizing New Words
Doing well in a new course often means finding effective ways to learn the new terminology.


General Study Skills

PDF iconImproving concentration

PDF iconTaking Notes in Class

PDF iconStress Reduction Strategies at Crunch Time

PDF iconDealing with Procrastination

This resource lists strategies for you to try to cope with procrastination.