Study Skills Resources

Our peer tutors have collected resources to help you improve your study skills, including:

  • General Study Skills
  • Learning Languages
  • Learning to Learn Online
  • Making a Study Schedule
  • Presentation Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Test Taking
  • Working in Groups

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Connect with a tutor

Tutors can review skills like memorization, organizing oral presentations, exam taking strategies, and note-taking as well as provide support to learn about academic integrity.  Build your study skills and strategies in the following ways:

Peer tutors can meet with you for 25/55-minute sessions in-person at the New West or Coquitlam campus or via Zoom. Choose "Consultation" from the 'Get help with..." drop-down menu to speak to a tutor about your needs.

Learning Centre workshops focus on academic strategies you need to be successful in your courses; the workshops are led by Learning Centre instructors, English Language tutors and peer tutors.


Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Book a tutoring session to review your understanding and skills for avoiding plagiarism. Choose the following appointments from the drop-down menu:

Academic Integrity: Understanding and Awareness

  • To increase awareness of the principles and concepts behind academic integrity, plagiarism, and intellectual property.
  • In this appointment, you’ll build on your understanding of academic integrity. The tutor will also introduce you to Douglas College resources available, as well as help you come up with a plan to keep learning the skills needed.

Academic Integrity: Using Sources in Your Writing

  • To learn how to paraphrase and quote effectively, without plagiarizing.
  • In this appointment, you’ll focus on developing your paraphrasing and ability to use sources as evidence in your writing assignments. The tutor will introduce you to Douglas College Learning Centre resources available.
  • If you have a writing assignment you are currently working on where you are integrating sources as evidence, please bring it to this session. A graded assignment will also work to review concepts with the tutor.

Academic Integrity: Style and Formatting Guidelines

  • To learn how to access and follow guides and manuals in order to use APA, MLA and other citation styles to format your writing assignments, as well as how to connect with a librarian for support with citation formatting.
  • In this appointment, you’ll learn how to find the formatting and style rules needed for your assignments, as well as what aspects of the style and formatting are important in most college assignments. The tutor will introduce you to resources available, as well as help you come up with a plan to keep learning the skills needed.

Learning Plans for Study Skills

Photo by Paico Oficial on Unsplash   Notebook ready to make to do list

Students wanting support with a longer-term plan for learning strategies can choose to meet with a tutor for weekly sessions. The first appointment, called an Intake, will be scheduled with Learning Centre instructor. During this appointment, you will be asked questions about your needs and the study skills you already bring with you. This information will be used to create a Learning Plan for you to work on during a series of weekly sessions with a peer tutor.

Want to assess your current skills? 

Self-assessment quiz (UBC)