English Language Resources

Our professional English language tutors have collected to help improve your grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and other English language skills. Resources topics include:

  • English Learner's Dictionaries
  • Explanations of Common Grammar Errors
  • Learning Languages
  • Introduction to Academic Writing
  • Listening, Speaking, and Reading Practice
  • Websites for Grammar Practice

Click here to access these resources.


Connect with a tutor

Professional tutors are available to help you identify and improve English language reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. English Language Tutors work with you on the English skills you need in the Douglas College courses you are currently taking.

You can get feedback on your writing from an English Language tutor in two ways:

Peer tutors can meet with you in-person for 25/55-minute sessions in-person at the New West or Coquitlam campus or via Zoom.  Your tutor can also reserve ongoing sessions for you for a few weeks at a time to work together on specific assignments and skills. 

Upload your writing assignments, and tutors will respond with questions, feedback and resources to improve your writing.

English Language tutors also facilitate Learning Centre workshops to focus on academic strategies and language learning.




English Language Drop-in Table

Get help from a professional, certfified English Language Tutor with any questions you have about grammar, pronunciation, speaking, reading, writing, or listening.

Every Wednesday between 12:00 and 1:00 pm at both campus libraries.