Research Skills Instruction

Online Research Skills InstructionTo ensure the health and safety of staff and students, in-person library skills instruction sessions are suspended until further notice.


Are you teaching synchronously and would like to have a librarian attend one of your classes?

Are you teaching asynchronously and would like library learning materials put together for your students to use?

Would you like to start a conversation about what academic integrity is and why it matters with your students?

Course Syllabus Request

With the College’s shift to online learning, the Library is temporarily transitioning its course reserve service to be exclusively online! Submit your course syllabus to the Library, and we will:

  • search our digital collections to find electronic versions of items [e.g. journal articles, media] on your syllabus
  • scan physical items [e.g. book chapter] from our print collection - in alignment with fair dealing guidelines. Note: the eReserves service cannot digitize physical audio-visual formats, such as DVDs, CDs, VHS etc.
  • purchase electronic versions of any items that we don’t currently have in our digital collections.
  • suggest electronic alternatives to materials in your course reading list that aren’t currently in our print and digital collections, including open educational resources

Library staff will create links to all the items on your course reading list that are available in our print/digital collections. These will be accessible via your course reserves page, accessible through the Library’s online reserves portal at: Search by Course or Search by Instructor. Add one link to your Blackboard site to provide your students with access to all available materials. Items scanned and added to your course reserves page under fair dealing will require students to login with a password provided to you by the Library.

Suggest a Title

Suggest a Purchase

The focus of the collection is to support the Douglas College curriculum, primarily credit courses. Course related resources for student use are the priority, but the Library also collects materials covering a broad range of educational topics including resources for non-credit courses where the materials are likely to be of ongoing interest. The Library also strives to provide a general knowledge collection. Let us know if there's anything you'd like to suggest we add to our collection. 


Your liaison librarian

The liaison program has been established as a means of communication between librarians and the College community. Questions about the liaison program or any library-related issue can be directed to your Liaison Librarian. 

Aboriginal Student Services Alexandra Dobre (NW)
Gretchen Goertz (CO)

Academic Technology Services Debra Flewelling 604-527-5190
Applied Community Studies Gretchen Goertz 604-527-5168
CEIT George Villavicencio 604-777-6135
Commerce & Business Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Distance/Field Schools Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Douglas International Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Douglas Student Union Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Health Sciences Christian Guillou 604-527-5184
Humanities & Social Sciences Shannon Moist
Trevor Smith
Language, Literature & Performing Arts Debra Flewelling 604-527-5190
Learning Centre Shannon Moist 604-527-5189
New Faculty Debra Flewelling 604-527-5190
Office of the New Students Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Research & Innovation Office Gretchen Goertz 604-527-5168
Science & Technology Olga Kalachinskaya 604-527-5188
Student Engagement Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Training Group Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438

Program Goals

  • To enhance communication between the Library and instructional faculty.
  • To provide information about library resources and services.
  • To provide workshops on research tools or on topics of special interest to faculty.
  • To increase library awareness of faculty and student needs.
  • To improve library services.

Faculty Resource Guide

Faculty Resource Guide

We invite you to explore the wide range of resources and services offered by the Douglas College Library and are happy to meet with faculty members individually or in small groups with a common research focus.

Please feel free to speak to the librarian at the Research Desk, contact your faculty's liaison librarian, or use any of our online services to Ask a Librarian.

Teaching & Learning Online

Additionally, see our new guide for teaching and learning online. It brings together a wide range of resources for Douglas College faculty as they move to online instruction.



In Canada, copyright is automatic. As soon as a work is fixed in print or digital form, it is protected by copyright. Copyright protects all original literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, sound recordings, performances, and communications, but there are also areas which are not covered. Learn about your rights with the Copyright act, what kind of educational exceptions there are, and how all this applies to your work here at Douglas College.

Stack of booksDepartmental Non-Library Material Requests

What can be ordered?

Departmental non-library materials must be non-consumable items for the use of more than one student and intended to be housed in a classroom or an office. These items may be books, print subscriptions (journals, periodicals, magazines or newspapers) or other media. Firm orders only please. Requests for preview textbooks or ‘on approval’ materials must be handled by individual departments. Once received, materials are not returnable. Please ensure all order information provided is accurate.

How to order

If you need assistance, a price quote, or an estimated delivery prior to filling out the form, please contact Laurette Walsh or Catherine Doll.  Download the PDF iconrequisition-form.pdf, have it signed, and send the form via intercampus mail to Laurette or Catherine. Alternately you can scan and email it to them.

Required fields

Departmental cost code with authorizing signature, name of requestor, campus, department and room number for delivery of item(s), and date by which the material is required. Please allow 6-8 weeks to acquire materials. Some materials may arrive quicker, but this cannot be guaranteed. Include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Edition
  • Publisher or distributor’s website
  • Date of publication
  • Price
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) - either a 10 digit or 13 digit number. eg 046504168x or 978-159486567

To find book information,consult Amazon or Chapters/Indigo.

For subscriptions please provide the date subscription should start, allow 2-3 months.Renewals will need to be processed the same way on an annual basis.

When shipments are received, they will be checked over and forwarded via inter campus mail to the attention of requestor at the department and room number provided on the form.


Book or subscription requests
Laurette Walsh, Library Technician
Technical Services - N2100
Phone: 604-527- 5264
Other media requests
Catherine Doll, Library Technician
Technical Services - N2100
Phone: 604-527- 5639

Student Term Paper Submissions

Students should hand in term papers to the appropriate departmental field base first. The library will accept these papers only if the departmental field base staff are unavailable. The student must turn in their paper to the circulation desk, where it is recorded and then delivered by intercampus mail to the instructor.