AV Copyright & Licensing

As of November 7, 2012, many provisions of the Copyright Modernization Act came into force, which resulted in some significant changes to the use of media at educational institutions.

To quote from the legislation, Canadian copyright law "allows the performance in public of a cinematographic work, as long as the work is not an infringing copy or the person responsible for the performance has no reasonable grounds to believe that it is an infringing copy" and providing that the performance takes place "before an audience consisting primarily of students of the educational institution on its premises for educational or training purposes". 

In other words, a DVD or VHS tape may now be used on campus and in classrooms, as long as it is a bona fide legal copy and the audience consists primarily of students and the purpose is for educational or training purposes./


Note that the use of DVDs or VHS tapes for entertainment or social events is not included under the educational exemption and requires additional licensing for public performance.

Last Updated: 2015-04-20 11:10:06 AM