Now online! Search the Douglas College Archives!
Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Douglas College Library is pleased to announce the launch of our new Archives Database, an online resource for searching our collections.

The Douglas College Archives is home to 548 audiovisual recordings, over 3,000 photographs, and nearly 6,000 folders filled with textual records (not to mention the Archives’ other material like architectural plans, newspapers, scrapbooks, ephemera, and more). These records capture Douglas College’s impressive 52-year history, but were previously inaccessible to the broader campus community. Our new Archives Database is changing this.

Faculty, staff, students, and members of the public will now be able to search our holdings for themselves. Does the Archives have any records about our early Women’s Studies program? Or information about how Kwantlen College became a separate institution?The Archives Database allows users to explore our holdings and answer questions like these. Archives staff can then provide a range of services, everything from in-person access to research and reference to digitization.

The Archives Database currently reflects a mere fraction of what have in our collection so do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions about material that may not (yet) be showing up in the search results. Archives staff will continue to add to the Archives Database as time permits.

The Archives is located in the New Westminster Campus Library and is accessible, at the main service desk, Wednesday-Friday from 10am-4pm. You can also contact for assistance or to set-up an appointment. 

The Archives Database runs on AtoM, a popular archival descriptive platform used by archives across the country. This project was made possible by an Innovative Technology Project grant from CEIT.