Blind date with a book

Blind Date with a Book

Do you tend to judge a book by its cover? Why not try a Blind Date with a Book?

The month of February marks Black History Month and from February 4th to February 15th, the Libraries at both campuses have something special planned for our book displays. To spotlight Black History Month, we've wrapped all our display books in craft paper to expose you to diverse authors, stories, and perspectives! Through the Blind Date with a Book program, we hope you enjoy being exposed to these works you may not have otherwise known about!

All books in the display are either written by Black Canadian authors or are about prominent Black figures, social movements or historical events. Books draw from different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, classics and modern works.

The keywords on the wrapping will give you some clues as to what the book is about. Once you make your selection, just take it to the Check Out Desk and sign it out.

We hope you enjoy your blind date with a book experience!

Last Updated: 2019-05-24 4:00:12 PM