Academic Video Online (AVON)

New Streaming Media Database

Learning Resources has recently licensed a new streaming media database called Academic Video Online (AVON), with a wide range of content appropriate for inclusion in classroom and/or online instruction.

AVON offers Douglas College instructors, staff, and students access to over 62,000 titles including documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs, field recordings, commercials, demonstrations, and original and raw footage. It covers many disciplines and subject areas, with specific strengths in social sciences, music & performing arts, health sciences, education, business & economics, science & engineering, literature & language, media studies, nursing, counseling & therapy, and sports medicine.

This unique collection includes content from over 800 leading distributors, producers, and filmmakers. Some of the top content providers are PBS, BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company, and Documentary Educational Resources.

In addition to its content, AVON offers a range of tools to support teaching, learning and research:
  • More than 14,000 learning segments make it easy for instructors to find and integrate specific video content into the classroom and help users get to the right content faster.
  • Users view searchable, scrolling transcripts alongside many titles.
  • Users can easily create, annotate, and share video clips and playlists, and can embed them in third-party sites.
  • All videos, clips, and playlists can be cited at permanent URLs, making integration with Blackboard easy.
  • AVON permits in-class, on-campus, and remote viewing.

For help using AVON, ask a librarian!

Last Updated: 2019-05-24 4:00:12 PM