Books, CDs & CD-ROMS  $1.00 / day to a maximum of $20.00
Videos, DVDs and Blu-rays $1.00 / day to a maximum of $20.00
Course Reserves & Equipment $1.00 / hour up to replacement cost.
High Demand Material: 
Any type of material above might fall into this category (at the discretion of the Library)
Fines will continue to accrue up to the replacement cost of the item. If not returned by the final day of the semester, a $20.00 processing fee will be added.
Library privileges will be suspended when a borrower owes $10.00 or more.

Reason for Fines

Fines are charged to encourage borrowers to return material on time. There is a limited number of materials which must be shared by a wide range of users and many reserve materials are required for course use. Fines can be paid at either campus library. 

Replacement Fees

Books and CDs Original price plus a $20.00 processing fee.
Videos, DVDs and Blu-rays Replacement cost plus a $20.00 processing fee
Audio-Visual Equipment Replacement cost plus a $20.00 processing fee
Periodicals $10.00

These fees may seem high but, in fact, they do not truly reflect the cost to the Library of purchasing another copy and processing it so that it can go back on the shelves. Many valuable books are no longer in print. The Library would prefer to get all materials back, rather than try to replace them.

A full refund, minus a processing fee, will be given for items that are later recovered. As a general practice, no refunds will be issued to patrons after the two-year period, however, at the discretion of the Collections Librarian, refunds may be granted. No refunds are provided on lost and found high demand items.

Last Updated: 2018-10-23 12:00:16 PM