Classroom Lab Materials

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Classroom lab materials can be either of two types: Serials, consisting of journals, serials, periodicals; anything that requires a subscription, and Non-Serials, materials in all other formats.


What can be ordered?
Classroom lab items must be non-consumable items intended to be housed in the classroom (for the use of more than one student) or an office. These items may be books and other media (except for computer software). They must be accompanied by enough information to order either through the library's regular vendors or through the specified vendor. Firm orders only: requests for preview or on approval materials must be handled by individual departments. 

Once received, materials are not returnable. Please ensure all order information provided is accurate. The library is not responsible for identifying duplicate requests nor for processing materials purchased directly by a department.

How to order
Fill out a Douglas College Requisition form available from Departmental Assistants. All forms must have:

  • A departmental cost code and an authorizing signature  
  • The name of the requestor, campus, department and room number.  
  • The date by which material is required. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks to acquire materials. 
  • As much information as possible about the item and where it is available such as:
    • Author
    • Title
    • Edition
    • Publisher or distributor - please include address, if obscure, along with phone or fax number
    • Date of publication
    • Volume number, if applicable
    • Section number, if applicable
    • Part or series number, if applicable
    • Price
    • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) - either a 10 digit or 13 digit number that may or may not include dashes e.g. 046504168x or 978-1594865671. Note that separate parts of an item may also have individual ISBNs. Please include them all.
  • Send the form to the Library, Technical Services, Acquisitions
  • When the items are received, Technical Services staff will check shipments, code invoices, stamp items with the Douglas College stamp and send the items to the requester via campus mail.

Who to contact 

Book orders Laurette Walsh Library Technician, Technical Services  Phone: 604-527- 5264 

Other media orders Catherine Doll Library Technician, Technical Services  Phone: 604-527- 5639


What can be ordered?
Serials are Journals, periodicals, magazines or newspapers; anything that requires a subscription.

How to order your materials
Fill out a Douglas College Requisition form available from Departmental Assistants. All forms must have  departmental cost code, an authorizing signature and as much information as possible about the item and where it is available such as:

  • Title
  • Publisher or distributor 
  • Date subscription should start 
  • Price

Send the form to Laurette Walsh and she will arrange to have the subscription sent directly to the requester, but billed through the library. The requester will receive confirmation that the subscription has been ordered and the amount paid from the department's account. Forward all renewal notices to Laurette, along with a current requisition form, providing the departmental cost code as well as an authorizing signature.

Who to contact 
Laurette Walsh Library Technician, Technical Services  Phone: 604-527-5264

If the issues you have requested do not begin arriving within six weeks, please notify Laurette.

Finding Order Information
If you need to find order information, please consult Books In Print at the Information Desk in both libraries, phone the publisher's customer service line, or check on-line at Amazon or Chapters.

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