Catalogue Alert Service

What are preferred searches?

Preferred searches allow you to store a search in your library record. This can be useful in several ways:

  • To receive email alerts of new items on a topic that interests you.
  • To keep track of a particularly complex search that you might want to use again.
  • To store a search that you will run on a regular basis.

How do I do a preferred search?

Log into your personal library account, click on the 'New Search' link on top of the page and enter your search terms. You can use the drop down menus to select the search type (Keywords, Title, etc.) and/or collection (Books, Videos, etc.) For example, you may wish to search for items on the Subject: Women in literature -- Great Britain -- History -- 19th century. Or you could perform a Keyword search such as: (juvenile or youth or teen*) and (drug* or substance or alcohol*).

To save this search, click on the long 'Save as preferred search' button on the right side of the page. To view your list of saved searches, click the 'Return to your record' button at the top of the screen then 'Preferred Searches' on the left hand side of the page.

How do I receive email alerts of new items?

After you have saved a search, return to your library account and click on 'Preferred Search' on the left side of the screen. Tick the box labelled 'Mark for E-mail' next to the search in question. Click 'Update list' to save the change. You'll receive an email notice of new additions to the library with your chosen preferred searches at the start of each week.

Last Updated: 2017-12-05 3:53:36 PM