Two working days' notice is necessary to book equipment using the online form

  • New Westminster Campus: 604-527-5568
  • Coquitlam Campus: 604-777-6130

Borrowing Equipment

Type Loan Period Renewable Bookable
  • Calculators
  • Chargers
  • Charging Cables
  • Charging Adaptors
  • Headphone/Headsets
  • USB memory sticks
  • Whiteboard markers
 4 hours No No
  • Equipment not listed above
Up to 24 hours No Yes


Fine for late return is $1.00/hour to a maximum of replacement cost of the item. Students may be limited to the number of items borrowed or booked based on the type of equipment and/or availability.


It is recommended that users become familiar with the equipment being borrowed. One-one-one or small group training is available upon request prior to pick-up of equipment. To arrange for a training session, please contact:

Equipment Compatibility

Users are expected to test out compatibility of library data/video projectors and personal laptops in advance of their presentation.

Class Assignments

If a class requires equipment for an assignment, the instructor should notify the library about the class, nature of the assignment, and equipment needed.

Wondering if your classroom already has the equipment you need? Check the room technology list

On- and Off-Campus Use

Portable data/video projectors and production equipment, such as cameras, camcorders, and tripods, are available for off-campus use by students and College employees only. 

Visual presenters (document cameras) and flat screen monitors do not circulate off campus.

College Events

  • Equipment required for College events should be booked by the department's designated staff of instructor.

  • Booking requests for College Chartered Club events should be booked by the Student Society organizer at the campus of the event.

  • Fines are charged to to the department for any damage to the equipment, other than normal wear.

  • Community members are allowed to rent AV equipment for events held on-campus. Borrowing is fee-based and should be arranged at the time of room booking. See the list of available equipment and their rates. 

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