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Avoiding Plagiarism: Crazy Norwegians
For a humorous look at the pitfalls of taking shortcuts in your research, check out this video from a group of fun-loving Norwegian librarians. Be sure to click on caption selection (cc) for English subtitles.
Time: 05:12

Boolean Searching
This explains the concept of Boolean logic that uses "and", "or" and "not" to help you find the best articles available on your topic. 
Time: 01:56 

Catalogue Alerts
How to set up personalized alerts in the Library catalogue
Time: 01:07

Cite Your Sources. Find the Article 
This video identifies all the parts that make up a citation and explains common misunderstandings such as the difference between a journal title and an article title and its importance in citing or locating the article.  
Time: 02:40 

Citing Canadian Statutes
All about citing Canadian statutes. 
Time: 03:21

Finding the Full Text of Articles
Search, search, search... 
Time: 03:13

How to Read a Call Number
Don't get lost in the stacks again. This video tells you how to read and use a call number so that you find your book on the shelf.
Time: 02:08

Internet Research: What's Credible?
On the Internet, it’s incredibly easy, and fast, to research a topic with a few simple keystrokes. But it's also incredibly easy to end up with unreliable and non-credible information that makes your research efforts fruitless.
Time: 28:57

A Quick Introduction to the Library Catalogue
Start with this screencast if you are looking for short and clear instructions on how to search for books, DVDs and other material in the Douglas College Library catalogue. 
Time: 04:44 

Saving Failed Searches
My search didn't work! What do I do now?
Time: 02:32

Student Guide to Plagiarism
Check out this short video on how to avoid plagiarism, thanks to the BCIT Library.
Time: 05:18

What's a Scholarly Journal?
Scholarly vs. Popular journals. How to figure it out.
Time: 03:24

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