Scholarly Journals Chart

Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journals vs. Popular Magazine Articles

Criteria Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journals Popular Magazines
Author Scholars in the field; institutional affiliation and credentials are given Often journalists or staff writers
Audience Researchers, scholars, professionals General public
Editors Article is reviewed by a board of experts in the field Article is evaluated by an editor on staff
Article style / language Specialized language written in the jargon of the field Everyday language
Content Research, theory, studies News, general interest
Format Article usually includes the following elements: Thesis statement, In-text citations, Methodology, Results, Conclusion, References / Bibliography Does not follow a specific format
Documentation Bibliography, references, works cited None
Advertisements Few or none Numerous ads
Appearance Plain cover, black and white charts and tables Glossy pictures in color
  • Journal of Experimental Social 
  • Psychology 
  • Nature 
  • Journal of Advanced Nursing 
  • Maclean's 
  • Psychology Today 
  • Sports Illustrated 
* Note: The terms scholarly, peer-reviewed and refereed are all similar in meaning.
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