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Are there photocopiers in the library and what does it cost to use them?

At the New Westminster Campus there are three photocopiers for student use located on the main floor, and at the Coquitlam Campus, there are two. 

The cost is 10 cents per copy. The copiers are coin-operated or you can purchase a photocopy card for $1.00 at the Check-Out counter, then add as much money to it as you would like. You can get a refund for the deposit of the photocopy card at the bookstore.

Student Printing

Do I have to pay for printing?

Students are able to print at no charge up to a maximum of 240 pages per student per semester. Additional pages may be sent to the pay-print station available at both campus libraries at a cost of 10 cents per page. There is also a pay-print station (also called GoPrint) in room 6212 at New Westminster and A2030 at Coquitlam. See more detailed information.

A colour laser printer is attached to the pay print station at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam Campus libraries at a cost of 50 cent per page.

Can I print from my laptop?

Wireless printing is not available at this time.


Are there scanners in the library?

There are three photocopiers at the New Westminster campus library, and two at Coquitlam, that can also scan to your USB drive. Insert any coin into the machine first to enable the menu, then when you're finished you can press the coin release button to get your money back. 

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