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How do I find articles on my topic?

Start by searching a general database such as Academic Search Complete, or select one from our recommended databases for your subject area. More details. If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to ask a Librarian

How do I find a peer-reviewed journal article?

Most databases have the option to limit to peer-reviewed journal articles. When you search for articles in a database, remember to check the box that says “Peer Reviewed”. See an explanation of peer–reviewed.

I have a citation for an article. How do I find the full text in the library?

First find out if the library has the journal by typing the journal name in the search box on the library homepage and selecting the Journal Titles tab. If your journal is available online, you will be given a link to the database(s) where it can be found. If you find an article without the full text while searching in a database, here are some tips for locating it from within the database.

What can I do if the article I want is not available at Douglas College?

You can get a copy of it from another library through interlibrary loan by filling out this form.

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