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Lost and Found

If I think I've lost something in the library, where should I go to make inquiries?

All lost and found items are immediately taken to the security booth at both College campuses. 

Cell Phone Policy

May I use my cell phone in the Library?

In consideration of other library users, people are strongly encouraged to leave the area before using their phones. Patrons are asked to either set their cell phones to low or vibrate. 

Study Rooms

Can I book a study room?

Study rooms are available for small groups and can be booked online.


When is the Library open?

Library hours may vary depending on holidays, exam periods etc. Check our full hours for more details.

Food and Drink

Can we eat in the library?

Drinks in covered spill-proof containers and foods that won't disturb others or leave a residue are acceptable. Quick snacks are fine, but all warm food needs to be eaten outside of the library. 

Quiet Study Space

Looking for a quiet place to study?

Sometimes it can get a little noisy on the main floor of the library during the height of the semester. If you're looking for a quiet place to study, we've reserved the second floor of the New Westminster Campus and the lower floor of the Coquitlam Campus as a quiet space with study carrels. 

Other Resources

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