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Computer Lab Availability

If the computers in the library are all in use, are there other computers available for student use in the College?

Yes. Student computer labs are available for use on the 5th and 6th floors at the New Westminster Campus and on the 2nd floor at the Coquitlam Campus. At New Westminster, room 6212 is an open lab that is always available for students to use during lab operating hours. See the full list of available labs » You may also borrow a laptop at the Circulation Desk. 

Library Computer Use

What kind of identification do I need in order to use the computers in the library?

You need to set up a network account in order to use computers on campus. Forgot your password? Please contact the IT Service Desk at 604-527-5330.

Can I do my word processing in the library?

Yes. Computers are located on the main floor at both campuses and Microsoft Office is available at all workstations except those few reserved for library catalogue searching. See the complete list of installed software.

If all computers are in use, student computer labs are available on the 5th and 6th floors at the New Westminster campus and on the 2nd floor at the Coquitlam Campus. At New Westminster, room 6212 is an open lab that is always available for students to use during lab operating hours.

Is there wireless access in the library?

Yes. Wireless computing is available throughout the College at both campuses. The login process is the same as accessing a desktop computer: your username is your student number and your password is the same as your network account password. 

Visitors from other academic institutions participating in the "Eduroam" network may login into eduroam Wi-Fi using their campus credentials.

There is no wireless printing available at this time.

For more information on Wi-Fi credentials please see the Logins and Passwords page.

Can I borrow a laptop from the library?

Yes. Laptops may be borrowed by Douglas college students and employees. The loan period is 24 hours though some exceptions may apply. Please note that wireless printing from laptops is not available. See the full list of audio visual equipment »

Can I play computer games on library computers?

The College's Acceptable Use of Computer and Information Technology Policy forbids playing games on these computers, unless course-related.

I am not a student or employee at Douglas College. Could I use a computer in the library?

Computers in the Douglas College Library are available to Douglas College students, faculty, and staff. Users must comply with Douglas College Policy A20.01.05 Computer Use Policy as well as all college and library polices, licensing, and contractual agreements. Individuals who have business with the College may be temporarily signed in at the discretion of the library, provided that there are sufficient spaces available for students and employees.

Power Outlets

Are there power outlets where I can plug in my laptop in the library?

Yes. At the New Westminster Campus, on the main floor, there are power outlets on the wall by the Library Lab, the Learning Centre and in the preview rooms. On the upper level, there are outlets by the study carrels, along the windows, and in the study rooms. At Coquitlam, power outlets are located at the bottom of pillars and under study carrels along the walls.

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