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What happens if my book is long overdue?

A block will be placed on the Registrar's files for students who have overdue materials that are on hold or booked for other patrons, and who have not responded to the library's attempts at retrieving the material. Patrons with long overdue materials from the previous semester will have their names submitted to a collection agency by the Finance Office.


Where can I find today's newspaper

The current issue for the Vancouver Sun, the Province, the Globe & Mail and the National Post is kept at the Circulation Desk. 


How many books and videos may I borrow at one time?

Students and employees may borrow as many books as they need, up to three videos at a time and up to 20 CDs at a time.

How long may I keep a book or video that I borrowed?

The regular loan period for books is two weeks, feature films one week and all other course-related videos may be borrowed for two days. For exceptions, see the full list of loan periods.

Do you charge fines when materials are returned after the due date?

Fines are not charged for two week loan material unless another student has placed a hold on the book. For materials with holds, the fines are $1.00 per day to a maximum of $20.00. For reserve material, the fine is $1.00 per hour to the the replacement cost of the item. For videos, the fine is $1.00 per day to a maximum of $20.00. More on fines.

Where do I check out an item that I want to borrow?

Most materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk with the of exception of equipment which is checked out at the AV Equipment Desk. There is also a self-serve check out station at the front desk of both campus libraries.

Where are the books located?

At the New Westminster Campus, regular two week circulating books are located on the second floor and at the Coquitlam Campus, they are on the lower level. Reference books, which do not circulate, are kept on the main floor of both campus libraries.

I would like to keep a book or DVD I borrowed past its due date, what can I do?

You can renew your library materials by phoning the Circulation Desk, going in person to the library or renewing online via My Library Account. In all cases you will need to have your student card handy.

The book I want has been taken out by someone else. How can I get it?

Place a hold on the book through My Library Account in the catalogue. This way you ensure that you will get the book as soon as it becomes available. You will be notified through your Office 365 email when it is ready for pickup.

The book I want is at another campus. Do I have to go to that campus in order to get it?

Fortunately, no. Log in to My Library Account and place a hold on the item through the library catalogue. If it is available, it will be sent by courier to your campus by the next working day. 

I need a book that is NOT in the Douglas College collection. What can I do?

You can request the item through interlibrary loan where it will be borrowed on your behalf from another library. You would be notified through your Office 365  email when it is available for pickup. This process usually takes 10 to 14 days. The service is also available for articles. 

Is it possible to go directly to another college or university to borrow books?

Yes. Douglas College students and employees may borrow books and other materials directly from Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia and a number of other universities and colleges in British Columbia. For details, see our reciprocal borrowing information

Where do I get materials that my instructor placed on reserve in the library?

Reserve materials are kept at the Circulation Desk. Check the library catalogue for reserve items listed by course or by instructor.


Can I borrow a calculator in the library?

Yes, aside from the basic model we also have financial/accounting, scientific and graphing. They usually sign for four hours and are not renewable. 

Library Card

How do I get a library card?

Your student ID card is also your library card. In order to borrow materials, you must be a currently registered student at Douglas College. If you do not have a student ID card you can get one in the library at New Westminster or in room B1250 at the Coquitlam Campus. See more information on becoming a community borrower.

I am not a student or an employee at Douglas College. Is it possible to get a library card?

Yes. You may apply for a community borrower's card that would allow you to borrow materials from Douglas College. There is an annual cost of $25.00 for the card. 

If you are a student or an employee at an institution that has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Douglas College, you may borrow materials from our Library. Note that there is a $5 refundable charge for a library card. Please see more information on community and reciprocal borrowers.

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