Liaison Program

Your liaison librarian... 

The liaison program has been established as a means of communication between librarians and the College community. Questions about the liaison program or any library-related issue can be directed to your Liaison Librarian. 

Aboriginal Student Services Alexandra Dobre
CEIT George Villavicencio 604-777-6135
Child, Family & Community Studies Gretchen Goertz 604-527-5168
Commerce & Business

Alicia ArdingGeorge Villavicencio

604-527-5181 & 604-777-6135
Distance/Field Schools Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438 
Douglas International Alexandra Dobre
Douglas Student Union Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Health Sciences Christian Guillou 604-527-5184
Humanities & Social Sciences Darcye LovsinTrevor Smith 604-527-5189 604-527-5259
Language, Literature & Performing Arts Debra Flewelling 604-527-5190
Learning Centre Darcye Lovsin
New Faculty Alicia Arding & Debra Flewelling

604-527-5181 604-527-5190

Office of the New Students Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438
Research & Innovation Office Gretchen Goertz 604-527-5168
Science & Technology Olga Kalachinskaya (NW) & Julie Grellier (CO) 604-527-5188 & 604-527-5183
Student Engagement Alexandra Dobre
Training Group Alexandra Dobre 604-527-5438


Program Goals

  • To enhance communication between the Library and instructional faculty.
  • To provide information about library resources and services.
  • To provide workshops on research tools or on topics of special interest to faculty.
  • To increase library awareness of faculty and student needs.
  • To improve library services.

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