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Research Skills Instruction 

  • Research Skills: Library sessions teach research skills and, depending on the needs of your class, they may cover the library cataloguearticle databasessubject specific resources, and the Web. We stress critical evaluation of all information sources. 

  • Library Sessions: With the continuation of mostly online learning for Fall 2020, the Douglas College librarians have created a collection of online learning materials (videos, tutorials, et cetera) for your students to use asynchronously 

    • Assignment guide:  Depending on the needs of your class, we will tailor an assignment guide with the appropriate online learning materials (videos, tutorials, et cetera) gathered in one place. We have created videos and tutorials to demonstrate various skills, including searching for ebooks in the Library's catalogue, navigating the Library's website, searching for articles in databases, building search strings for library research, and citing and evaluating resources. 

  • Assignments: Library assignments are based on the research and citation skills your students need to complete your class assignment(s) and are tailored to class research topics. For online learning, library assignments will be completed digitally and students will be directed to email their assignments directly to the library for marking. 
    • Your class assignment or topic must be provided to the library at least two weeks prior to the date of the class if you wish to have a library assignment prepared. 
    •  If you request a marked assignment while filling out the form below, we will contact you with further details.  
      • Note: marks will be sent out via email approximately two weeks following the class. If you have any questions about this timeline, please contact Nicole Sevigny or Cora Fanucchi

    • If you request a marked assignment, we will assign a librarian to be embedded in a specific Blackboard discussion board to answer any questions students may have about their assignment. 

  • Before your scheduled library session, you will be sent: 

    • A link for your class’ assignment guide (which will also be posted on this page:

    • If you requested a marked library assignment: 

      • A PDF copy of your class’ library assignment (if requested), in PDF form (see attached example). 

      • A Word copy of your class’ library assignment answer sheet that students will submit directly to the library (see attached example). 

      • An email asking for permission to embed a librarian within your Blackboard course to answer any assignment questions. 


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