Interlibrary Loan Policy

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Purpose of Document
Scope of this Policy
Guidelines for Borrowing on Behalf of Douglas college Library users
Guidelines for Lending to Other Institutions
Materials Available for Lending
Loan Period


  1. Purpose of Document

    The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials not available at Douglas College Library for studies or work undertaken at the College.

  2. All requests will be reviewed by a librarian or the Interlibrary Loan Assistant before processing.

    The Douglas College Library lends materials to other libraries when the requests fall within the guidelines stated in this policy. However, priority in the use of Library material will be given to Douglas College students and employees. High demand items may not be eligible for interlibrary loan.

    Interlibrary loan is only available between institutions, and not to individuals.

    Material borrowed through interlibrary loan is subject to the loan restrictions and fees (if applicable) set by the lending library, which may differ significantly from those of the Douglas College Library.

    Restrictions on use apply to certain audio visual materials due to licensing agreements. The Douglas College Library complies in all respects with the Copyright Act and adheres to the Canadian Library Association Interlibrary Loan Code, which specifies the procedures and expectations surrounding interlibrary loans in Canada.

  3. Guidelines for Borrowing on Behalf of Douglas college Library Users

    Borrower Eligibility
    The Library will borrow through interlibrary loan on behalf of the following users:

    • Douglas College students
    • Douglas College employees (including Faculty Emeritus)
    • Douglas College Board and Foundation Board members
    • Visiting scholars at the College
    • Continuing Education instructors
    • Continuing Education students

    Restrictions on Types of Materials Borrowed
    The Library will not process requests for the following materials:

    Course textbooks
    Material already held at Douglas College Library
    Articles available in the Douglas College Library's collection in electronic format
    Materials limited by copyright or licensing agreements

    Due to budgetary limitations, the number of interlibrary loan requests processed for any one user may be restricted.

    Borrowers with overdue interlibrary loan material will be charged overdue fines. Total fines accrued may equal, but will not surpass, the replacement cost of the material. Replacement fees for overdue, lost or damaged material will also be charged.

    Suspension of Interlibrary Loan Privileges
    Interlibrary loan privileges may be suspended indefinitely where circumstances warrant. Overdue interlibrary loan material, unpaid fines on interlibrary loan material and other abuses will result in privileges being suspended. A block will be placed on the Registrar's files for students who have overdue interlibrary loan materials. Other violations may also result in suspension of privileges.

  4. Guidelines for Lending to Other Institutions
    The library reserves the right to refuse or restrict loan periods, as well as to request that the borrowing library restrict use of materials lent. Some audio visual materials, particularly videocassettes and DVDs, are lent and borrowed through members of the Media Exchange Cooperative (MEC).

  5. Materials Available for Lending
    The following materials may be requested by borrowing libraries:

    • Photocopies of articles (borrowers may retain photocopies)
    • Books
    • Videocassettes and DVDs
    • CD-ROMs
    • Kits
    • Slides

    Requests for the following materials will not be considered:
    • Materials limited by copyright or licensing agreements
    • Reference materials
    • Special collections
    • Archives
    • Reserves
    • Audio visual equipment
    • Microforms
    • Microcomputer software
    • Entire issues of periodicals
    • Items that are out on loan
    • CDs – LPs – audiotapes

  6. Loan Period

    Materials are due three weeks from date of receipt at the borrowing institution. One renewal will be allowed, provided there are no outstanding holds on the item. The loan period for audio visual varies depending on the show date.

  7. Fees
    Borrowing institutions are subject to a fee for each interlibrary loan transaction, including renewals. Pick up and return delivery costs of all materials are paid by the borrowing library. Overdue and replacement charges are charged for any material more than one month overdue. A full refund, minus a processing charge, will be given for items that are later recovered. If the item is recovered after one year, no refund will be provided. Charges may also apply to material that is damaged. Any library with outstanding charges may have its interlibrary loan privileges suspended.

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