Library Classroom Use Policy

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Library Classroom Use Policy
Overseen by:
Learning Resources Management Committee (LRMC)
Effective date:
September 2016
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Instructional Services
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This policy governs the use and scheduling procedures of the Library Classrooms at the Coquitlam and New Westminster campuses.

Policy Statement

The Library Classroom is a dedicated space reserved for research skills instruction conducted by Learning Resources faculty, and booked through the Instructional Services technician, New Westminster Campus. It is not on the College-wide room bookings matrix, nor is it considered an open lab.

During the first ten weeks of every semester, this room is reserved exclusively for Learning Resources classes and workshops. After that time, individual bookings for other purposes may be accepted under extenuating circumstances* with the prior approval of the Information Literacy and Educational Technology Librarian, in consultation with the Instructional Services Technician.

While every attempt will be made to accommodate all requests, Learning Resources faculty have priority over the use of the room and reserve the right to schedule/use the space for the Learning Resources Department’s needs and programs. At any time during the semester, when not being used for instruction/programs coordinated by Learning Resources faculty, students may use the Library Classroom for study and research.

It is the responsibility of those making exceptional bookings to ensure that they know how to use the technology they require.

Class Scheduling

During the first week of classes no Research Classes/Labs will be booked. We reserve this week for informational sessions only. Informational Sessions will cover an introduction to library resources and services as well as a tour of the area. Informational activities/labs can be offered during this time to engage students with the library resources, but will not entail any research methods/procedures.

Research skills instruction classes may be booked for the second week of classes onward. The Library Classroom can be booked for up to one hour per instruction session, unless otherwise specified by library faculty. Bookings are for a one hour instructional session to ensure appropriate accessibility to the resources in the Library Classroom for all students and faculty. Instructors and students are welcome to stay after the session to continue their research, however the room will be opened for community access to the available resources.

Foundation courses* are an exception and bookings for two hours are appropriate to accommodate material coverage and Librarian involvement in the research process.

Booking Process

Bookings will not be accepted any sooner than two months ahead of the required semester and no later than two weeks prior to the requested scheduled time.

Library classes are booked via the online form or by contacting the Instructional Services Technician.


*Extenuating Circumstances:  displacement from prior room bookings beyond your control, or the need to use the instructional technology only available in the Library Classrooms.

*Foundation Courses: one of the following courses

  • ELLA
  • ENGL 1130
  • ENGU
  • NURS
  • PNUR
  • STAC
  • STSU 110

Informational Sessions: introduction to the library and its resources; does not entail research methods.

Programs and/or Workshops: any information, outreach, training, teaching, activity, etc. coordinated by Learning Resources Faculty.

Priority Group: Learning Resources Faculty.

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