How is FIPPA Achieved?

FIPPA requires Douglas College to:

  • Provide the public with the right to access records of which Douglas College has custody of or control

  • Provide individuals with the right to access and correct personal information about themselves

  • Withhold from disclosure certain records as specified in the Act

  • Prevent the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information

  • Provide routine public information and personal information about the person requesting it

  • Provide information in response to a formal FIPPA request

Everyone associated with Douglas College should have a basic understanding of FIPPA, including students, staff, management and members of the general public who have dealings with the College.

  • Staff must be able to deal with requests for information from the public to comply with Douglas College policy and provincial legislation.

  • Students, employees and the general public should know their rights to access and correct records Douglas College may have collected about them.

  • Douglas College Deans, Directors and Managers must be aware of the implications FIPPA has for record keeping in their departments.

  • The public needs to know what rights they have to access Douglas College records related to College activities such as tendering applications.